Good Manufacturing Practice Program and Recommendations for the farmer. More sustainable modeling for Carnauba Wax Production.

The program is based on environmental education by training smallholder farmers in land clearing, control of invasive species, protection and preservation of the caatinga, quality of raw material, importance of traceability and rural retirement system.

It is the union between social improvement and sustainability. Foncepi acting strongly in environmental preservation, social development and guarantee of quality products.


Foncepi instructions for regularization of the working relation at our supply chain.

We promote the carnauba workers associations and legal word contracts among our supply chain! We audit our suppliers for legal working relations!

New campaign for 2020

With the actual challegens of this wear, we have done our annual campaigns by video and training on line. How to combat invasive specie and promote reforest we prepared video lessons this wears ince we could not make training presencial like other years due to covid 19 in brazil. We are pleased to introduce our video lessons and a booklet can be dowloaded we distributed among our carnauba supply chain in the countryside.

Please dowload future of carnauba new booklet.

Here it follows the video lessons with English subtitles, we presented to the producers carnauba workers without the English subtitles.

Logo Fair for Life

We believe in world with fair trade and sustainable change for a better life. Foncepi has a complete fair for life certified products line.

  • Respect of Human Rights and Decent Working Conditions
  • Respect of the Environment
  • Trading and Supply chain relations
  • Empowerment
  • Traceability, Transparency and Respect of the Consumer
  • Managing Certification and Performance

About the UEBT - Union for Ethical Biotrade.

Foncepi has been audit by social actions , following bioethical principles and Social Responsible purchasing program!

Follow the Good manufacturing practices according to bio ethical.

Full traceability, we have bar code system that can track during and after production process the name and region of each producer, also register the intermediary if there is one. all at our production system, keeping also the name of carnauba workers involved at each receipt following tac requirements.

Distribution of our new Booklet

Training for sustainability, witch means will train the producers for manage the INVASIVE SPECIES (“Unha de Diabo”) new booklet

Implement Biodiversity plan by uebt

Sustainable Carnauba

Conservation, education and sustainable technologies

The culture of the carnauba pal tree is, by excellence, an examples that it is possible to boost an economy while preserving the environment and valuing the life of people. A virtuous circle that wholly respects economic, ecological and social precept of sustainability.

It has become imperative to strengthen all the links and ensure sustainability throughout the productive chain of the Carnaúba. It waswith this in minde that the Syndicate of the Carnaúba Wax Refinery Industry of Ceará State decided to create the Sustainable Carnaúba Seal.

Developed in partnership with Associação Caatinga - a non-governmental organization whose mission is to ``promote the conservation of land, forests and water of the Caatinga scrubland region to ensure the permanence of all of its lifeforms; the seal integrates a greater action, the project dubbed ``Sustainable Carnaúba - Conservation, Education and Sustainable Technologies. That compromises the signatory companies that aim to effectively contribute towards the conservation of the Caatinga scrubland region and social investments in sustainability in the productive chain of Carnaúba.

By grant of SINDCARNAÚBA and with the seal of Associação Caatinga the companies that subscribe to the letter of principles and have formalized a direct link with the Sustainable Carnaúba project, receive a Certificate that confirms they can use the Sustainable Carnaúba Seal.

The only companies that are part of the project are those who are syndicated and agree to invest in the sustainability of the productive chain of Carnaúba, work towards the development and protection of Carnaúba okabtatuibs; respect all the regulating standards of the sector, maintain an ethical and valued relationship with workers and are completely against any type of labor practice that exploits children or is similar to slavery.

The syndicated companies who are part of the project also agree through the Sustainable Carnaúba project to encourage the appropriation of sustainable technologies as tools to improve life in the semiarid region for the rational use of natural resources and to increase capital. To promote actions of environmental education and institutional communication with the purpose of making the population as a whole more aware of the need to preserve the Caatinga and the culture of Carnaúba.

By adding the Carnaúba Sustentável Seal in their communication tools, the certified companies confirm to be the holders of a portfolio of products and services that, by excellence, integrate the virtuous cycle of the Carnauba tree, respecting, therefore all precepts of economic, ecological and social sustainability.