We are the leader Carnauba Wax manufacturer and most tradition industry. Our industrial plant uses modern technology, rigorous quality control and the most advanced industrial data processing system, to ensure its presence in the market with high quality products.

Thanks to its perfomance in the carnauba wax export market, Foncepi sales have showed steady growth.

A complete structure has been installed to ensure that the entire process from raw material to final product meet the most advanced quality standards. Incoming raw material must be approved by the plant`s central laboratories and a process control system has been set up to supervise every phase on the production floor. Final packed product, after inspection, is sealed with the correspondent certificate of analysis. Foncepi Waxes meet or exceed the requirements of the Food Chemical Codex VII, the JECFA/WHO, the European Pharm., 8th edition, USP 39 NF34 for Carnauba Wax.

FONCEPI enjoys a very high standing in the carnauba wax market today, where it is considered one of the most organized, modern and efficient Company acting in the export market. Changes introduced in our plant over the past 5 years, have made it a model in bleaching and refining carnauba wax. Innovation in the administrative area have included a long term planning strategy and improved relations with marketplace varied applications in modern industry. FONCEPI has the structure to produce and furnish the market with any kind of Carnauba Wax taken directly from nature to the industry.

Besides delivering, we offer all our customers a lrge range of additional support services expected from a professional supplier. Our main objective is to adequately meet or exceed all our customers`s requirements, permanently improving our relationship with clients to offer better services. Continuous investments in qualified personnel and modern technology have put FONCEPI in a position to satisfy market demands in all circunstances earn us a reputation as a company that can be trusted to always deliver quality. Our commitment with our customers big or small is to continue to be best and most reliable source of our product: the Carnauba Wax.