Partnership between Foncepi & State Government

Foncepi gives the first opportunity to young students from technical schools in order to improve their skills. Its a co-operation between local government and Foncepi.

Our Goal: Is to provide the inclusion of those young people at the work atmosphere.

Alphabetization and training program.

Give oportunity to our people to learn how to read and write.

Our plant of Piripiri, is in countryside of Brazil, with one of the lowest HDI in Brazil 0,6446 (2010: HDI).

Our goal is to promote social inclusion through education and training programs.

Health week programs.

Give oportunity to check health of our employees. Our main Goal: It's to care about them!

Program of labor gymnastic.

To improve the welfare of our employees! Motivate and offer a relaxing time, make them more happy!

All this to keep them with us, and have their comitment to do their best for our product and clients! We proudly have employees with 30 years of house!